Mt. Wudang, also called Mt. Taihe and Taihe, is the most famous Taoist mountain of China. It has a great reputation since time immemorial and has a respectful name Xuanyue. The mountain is a superb integration of peculiar natural beauty, The magnificent and mysterious ancient buildings the broad and deep Taoist culture and the world renowned Wudang Boxing. Mt .Wudang is always praised as the most famous scenic spots from time immemorial down to the present day, the first celestial mount in the world. Its grand-scale ancient building have been placed on the list of the World Cultural Heritage ofUNESCO.



武当山,位于湖北省十堰市,北回汉水,东瞰荆襄,西接巴山秦岭,南望神农架群峰,是闻名于世的中华道教名山,武当武术发祥地。此地层峦叠嶂,山势雄奇。经唐、宋、元、明、清历代修葺的规模宏大的规建筑群,依崖临涧,构置在140华里长的建筑线上,蕴涵着丰富的历史文化内涵。春花秋叶,绿水与青山长伴;暮鼓晨钟,故往与今来相连。壮丽的自然景观与丰富的人文景观使海内外游人心驰神往。 相传真武大帝在此修炼得道升天,有“非真武不足以当之”之说,武当山之名由此而来。武当山是我国著名的风景游览胜地,主要胜境有七十二峰、三十六岩、二十四涧、十一洞、三潭、九泉等。主峰天柱峰海拔1612米,犹如一柱擎天,直叉云霄。四周山峰,峰峰俯身颔首朝向主峰,形成“七十二峰朝大顶”的壮观景象。这些峰岩命名或出自宗教信仰,或附会神话传说,多具有神秘色彩。加上这里终年云雾缭绕,气候变化莫测,有时还可以看见“天柱晓晴”、“陆海奔潮”、“雷火炼殿”、“金殿倒影”、“月敲山门”等等奇观。四季之中,景色各异,气象万千。武当山地处华中,雨量充沛,气候温和,是一座天然动物园和植物园,并被誉为中草药宝库,珍禽异兽出没山林,奇花异草争芳斗艳。独特神奇的自然景观和动人的神话传说,给武当山罩上一层神秘的光环。

1. Yearning for Wuyue (Five greatest Mountain) in my childhood. Esp. for Xuanyue that is the greatest.——Xu Xiake of Ming Dynasty

The Peculiar and Miraculous Scenic Spots in Fairyland.

The undulating and spectacular Mt.Wudang ,located in Shiyan City, returning to the Han River from the north, overlooking Jingxiang district in the east, bordering on Mt.Ba and Qing mountain range to the west, watching peaks of Shenlongjia in the south, is the world renowned Chinese famous Taoist mountain and the source of Wudang Boxing. Through repairing from successive dynasty as the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing ,the magnificent ancient groups of buildings in accordance with the cliffs and overlooking ravines, constructed on the architectural line of 70 kilometers and contained abundant contents of history and culture. With spring flowers and autumn leaves, morning bells and evening drums, accompanying blue water with green mountain, connecting the past with the present, the magnificent natural scenery of human culture attract sightseer of both from home and abroad. According to the legend, the great Emperor Zhenwu cultivated himself here and rose into the heaven, there is an account of “It is only emperor Zhenwu who really deserves it” and from that the name “Mount Wudang” comes.Mt.Wudang is also a well-known scenic spot of our country , the main famous scenery includes 72 peaks, 36 crags, 24 ravines, 11 caves, 3 ponds, 9 brooklets and so on. Tianzhu, with an elevation of 1612 meters, is the main peak of Mt.Wudang, thrusting itself towards the sky like a pillar holding the sky. Every surrounding peaks are bowing to it, forming the extraordinary sight of “ 72 peaks bowing to Tianzhu. The name of these peaks and crags either come form religious belief or have relationship with fairytales. Because of constant curling up of the clouds and mist within a whole year and unpredictable climate changes, you can enjoy the wonderful sight of” Dawn breaking over Tianzhu peak”,” Rushing tides of clouds on hand”,“Thunder fire cleaning the palace”,“The mirage of the golden palace”,“The moon knocking at the Heavenly Gate”, etc. Mt.Wudang takes different sights in four seasons of a year. Standing in the middle of China with plentiful rain and warm climate, Mt.Wudang is a birds and strange animals appear and disappear in the forest, peculiar flowers and unusual grass scramble for fragrance and beauty. The peculiar natural scenery and moving fairytales give Mt.Wudang a mysterious light ring.



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