1by1 – 简单易用的目录音频播放器

1by1 是一款小巧而多能的音频文件播放器外壳,通过插件所能播支持的音频文件有:WAV、OGG、MP2 或 CD 音轨(以及 WMA!)等。它能播放少至一个目录多至整个硬盘内的多个文件而无需播放清单。您可以简单地在类似资源管理器的文件和文件夹视图的界面中开始播放你的曲目,通过命令行载入曲目(例如:已链接其文件类型)或将其拖放到程序界面上 。 本播放器的设计重点是尽量简单的曲目文件操作和增强的播放性能。您不会找到可见的诸如全屏插件或外观面板之类的东东。1by1 有其特色功能,如内置的动态增强器、曲目文件操作、文件搜索、和对记录表单与播放清单的支持,通过定制软件启动参数实现记忆播放。

1by1 for Windows appears like a file manager while it has all features of a versatile audio player – and much more. Play the tracks in your carfully arranged folders one by one with no need to fuddle with playlists or databases. Enjoy smoothly mixed transitions and the built in powerful audio enhancing. Handle your track collection with smart file tools. Reorganize tracks in different ways. And with Resume play never lose your last play position.

系统平台:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Version 1.98 · 2021-03-16 · 198 KB · (sfx zip)
MD5 checksum: 8e385ff81678c87fd92345529509cb00



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