ALLPlayer – 免费、易用的视频-音频播放器


ALLPlayer is the most popular program for watching movies with subtitles.
It plays all formats of movies, and if there is a problem with opening the file, it updates the latest codecs.
The program also automatically searches for matching subtitles in all languages.

该程序的特征在于具有现代化的直观界面,通过智能手机或平板电脑比通过 Windows 系统更易于使用。
所有功能可轻松使用,得益于其内置的编解码器,ALLPlayer 可播放任何媒体文件格式。
该程序其中一个主要优势在于与 协作|以自动下载多种语言的匹配字幕。
ALLPlayer 不仅是视频播放器,而且还是 Android 智能手机上的电台和遥控器。

update of audio/video codecs for the latest file formats
Czech language added – thank you for translating and we encourage you to translate ALLPlayer into other languages
improved program stability
fixed issues submitted by users


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