CamStudio – 免费桌面录像软件

一款被多家国内外软件下载网站评为五星级的软件,录制电影格式.avi,.swf文件的最好工具。界面轻巧,美观,支持视频压缩,程序内附avi 到 swf文件转换器,此程序完全免费,你还可以给你录制的电影添加注释。

CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

Here are just a few ways you can use this software:

  • You can use it to create demonstration videos for any software program
  • Or how about creating a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions?
  • You can create video tutorials for school or college class
  • You can use it to record a recurring problem with your computer so you can show technical support people
  • You can use it to create video-based information products you can sell
  • You can even use it to record new tricks and techniques you discover on your favourite software program, before you forget them

Download:CamStudio 2.7.4 (Build r354)


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