Free Hex Editor Neo – Windows平台最快的免费HEX编辑器

Free HEX Editor NEO是Windows平台最快的免费HEX编辑器软件。 NEO的数据处理算法非常优化和仔细调整以节省您的时间。它可以在短短几秒钟内处理大型文件和十六进制(甚至大于1 GB)的操作!


自1999年以来的开发历史使我们的二进制文件编辑软件成为表现和稳定性的真正拥护者。它不仅是免费的HXD替代方案,而且可能是免费的Windows 11/Windows 10 HEX编辑器免费提供。与竞争对手相反,它使您可以编辑几乎任何大小的二进制文件!


Free Hex Editor Neo is the fastest freeware binary file editor for Windows platform. Neo’s data processing algorithms are extremely optimized and carefully tuned to save your time. It handles operations on large files and hex dumps (even larger than 1 GB) in just seconds!

In contrast to any competitors, our binary file editing product always offers you this kind of user experience: lengthy operations performs smoothly, UI stays responsive, progress bars provide you with frequently updated information, system always has sufficient resources, all your modifications are stored safely and instantly ready for Undo/Redo. All of our efforts are aimed at preventing you from losing the modifications you’ve made, which is often the case with competing products.

The development history since year 1999 makes our binary file editing software a true champion of performance and stability. It’s not just a free HxD alternative, but probably the best Windows 11/Windows 10 hex editor available for free. In contrast to competitors, it allows you to edit binary files of virtually any size!

Download Hex Editor Neo and start using this binary editor for FREE!

Hex Editor Neo Basic Features

Basic file editing and navigationYou can type, work with clipboard copy/paste/merge data, write it to file, delete/insert binary data, fill selection with hex data patterns and more.Data formatting and groupingNeo Editor displays binary/hexadecimal data as a grid of cells with editable hex codes. Data may be grouped by Bytes, Words, Double Words and Quad Words and displayed as Binary, Hex, Decimal, Octal, Float or Double. The Little Endian and Big Endian byte order is also supported by our hex viewer.Instant search and replaceEditor allows you to find Binary/Hex data patterns. Searching for chars, ASCII text strings and Unicode texts is also supported.RegExp search and replaceFree Hex Editor Neo Find/Replace command supports ECMAScript-compatible regular expressions. Finding RegEx patterns can often be helpful in those data mining scenarios where standard text string or binary searches are not applicable.Unlimited Undo/RedoAn unlimited number of changes made to a file can be instantly reverted and repeated, regardless of the document size.Automatic patch creationWhile hex editing file, just click “Create Patch” and get x86 or x64 patch file ready. Hex Editor makes a binary diff and automatically creates a 64bit or 32bit patch file.Portable hex editor installationMultilingual user interface

Hex Editor Neo provides you with basic, advanced and even some innovative binary editing functionality.

Free Hex Editor Neo System Requirements

Free Hex Editor Neo requires Intel or AMD x86/x64 compatible CPU, 2 GB of RAM memory and 25 MB of free HDD/SSD disk space. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows-based operating systems. All recent Windows platforms starting from Windows Vista (including Windows 11, Windows Server 2022 and Windows 10 x86/ x64) are supported.

Free Hex Editor Neo Advantages

  1. Efficient It supports multiple core processing and utilizes full power of your PC.
  2. Smart It supports complicated Regular Expression search/replace patterns.
  3. Handy It allows you to make binary patches in just one click.
  4. Flexible It allows you to tune every aspect of the User Interface.
  5. FREE It costs NOTHING!

官方网站:FREE Hex Editor Neo: Download Binary Files Editing Software for Windows 11/10
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