WPD – Windows隐私设置软件(微软隐私数据收集策略控制台)

WPD = Windows Privacy Dashboard
真正的Windows隐私仪表板。 The real privacy dashboard for Windows.
通过Windows API工作的小巧但功能强大的便携式工具。WPD是在Windows中自定义隐私相关设置的最方便和正确的方法。
A small but powerful portable tool working via Windows API. WPD is the most convenient and proper way to customize privacy related settings in Windows.

What for?

The main thing is that default Windows Firewall could be not really trustworthy (just like the hosts file) for those, who cares about privacy. You may use third-party firewall for manual management or WPD’s solution for “one click block”.Why WFP button is not available?

Using WFP means that default Windows Firewall supposed to be disabled. Until then WFP is useless. The reason for this, that Windows Firewall has top priority than any other firewall – that’s why third-party firewalls asks to disable it first. So, if you want continue using Windows Firewall (or copy rules in a third-party firewall), there is no reason to enable WFP.How can I check it in system?

Run cmd as an administrator.

  • 1) netsh
  • 2) wfp
  • 3) show filters

filters.xml will be generated in C:\Windows\System32

  • 官方网站:https://wpd.app/
  • 系统平台:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/ Server 2016,2019
  • 界面语言:多国语言(含中文)
  • 下载链接:下载页面(latest.zip,237KB)


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