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Flexible Renamer

Flexible Renamer is a free tool for renaming files and folders, either singly or in large batches, including subfolders. It can rename items using a wide range of methods: copying, substituting, translating, moving, reordering, and attaching letters, numbers, and characters in specified or randomly generated patterns. It also supports Unicode strings for a wide range of languages. It has sophisticated, flexible filtering options to exclude or include items for processing, and it can modify file or folder information such as time and date stamp.

Flexible Renamer is a portable application that doesn’t have to be installed: just click it and it runs. It uses an interesting and efficient variation on the typical Windows interface, with the usual left-hand Explorer panel and right-hand main view separated by a panel of controls, including a menu of commands, some filter options, and the Rename buttons. The main view has a customizable gridded display that shows the current name, new name, location, and other information about selected items. Since by far most people want a file renamer to manage the gigabytes of digital snapshots they upload, we started with some of our own. We browsed to a target folder and its contents appeared in the main view. In the central panel, we clicked Remove Number or String, and the selection expanded with many specific options. We made our selections, clicked Rename, and the renamed files appeared in the main view. We clicked Advanced Rename, and controls and selections appeared for Wild Card, Regular Expression, and Translation methods with search fields and numerous Presets and Support settings, the latter enabling a huge range of matches; there’s even an email link to request new matches. The Advanced Renaming option proved easy to use for special instances, like renaming a batch of files to fit in a previously defined sequence. We also like the Tag Rename option, which lets you label files with information such as their type (MP3, EXIF, etc.) as well as the Attributes tab, which we used to change the date stamp to the date when the images were consolidated.

This is a handy file maintenance tool, and we recommend it.

TitleFlexible Renamer
Target OSWindows XP(SP2~)/Vista/2008/7iNeed download executable module for Windows 2000/XP(RTM,SP1)iNOT supported to Windows 95/98/Me/NT4iNOT tested on Windows Server 2003
License TypeFreeware
IntroductionUNICODE file/folder renaming utility,
which can use Wildcard or Regular-Expression, Tag-information (MP3, EXIF) and script (vbs/js).
FeatureslExplorer-like user interface.lUNICODE strings (Japanese/Chinese/Korean/German/French, etc.) supported (New!!)lWildcard or Regular-Expression (Perl Compatible) for substitution of file name.lMultiple file-filter, Real-time preview, Undo.lSub-directories process-able recursively.lDesigned for processing a large quantity of files.lCopy (Move) & Rename to another folder.lDistribute into the folder by using relative path.lConsecutive numbers to every classified group (folder, date, tag).lSaving search/replace settings by Preset function.
FunctionslRename (Copy/Move/Create shortcut/Create hardlink) object (file/folder).ØInsert a Number or a String(the file’s Timestamp/Folder name)ØRemove a Number or a String(Shortcut to, Copy (n) of, [n], (n)), Supported 8.3 FormatØTranslate Letters (upper/lower-case, capitalize)ØReplace StringØOther flexible rename using pattern matching.ØDirect-editing of target name.ØExtending function by script (New!!)lRename (Copy/Move) using tag information.ØID3(MP3/WMA/APE/MPC/OGG), EXIF, IPTC, Document(MS-Office(also 2007)/PDF), HTMLØFile-property information (Added tags by Shell Extensions are also available) (New!!)ØExtending function by script (New!!)lModify object (file/folder) attributes and time-stamps.ØSpecify date/time, Shift, Random generate, Make the Same.lCreate numbered object(sized file/folder)

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