Precise Calculator – 可编程高精度科学计算器

Precise Calculator is a free open source scientific calculator for Windows.

You can adjust precision of this calculator (for example to 10000 digits). It knows all usual mathematical functions, statistical functions, prime numbers, PI, matrices, complex numbers, fractions, integral and it is programmable (variables, commands if, goto, print, return, …).


  • arbitrary precision (from 1 to 9999999)
  • complex numbers
  • fractions
  • lists, vectors, matrices
  • history (shortcuts ctrl+up, ctrl+down)
  • calculator can write all results to a log file
  • commands if, goto, print, return
  • unlimited number of variables
  • frequently used formulas can be saved as macros
  • calculator can be translated to other languages

官方网站:Precise Calculator – programmable scientific calculator (
运行平台:Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10
Download Precise Calculator 32-bit (186 kB);
Download Precise Calculator 64-bit (247 kB)


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